Phantom came to us from the RSPCA on 5th of September 1999. He was a solid gold male and was around 12 months old at the time. Phantom was one of 92 cocker spaniels rescued from a diabolical situation. He was almost half the weight he should have been.

Farewell Little Boy

6th of July, 2012
In October 2011 Phantom was diagnosed with a possible brain tumour...


He survived until 5 AM this day in July. He was happy and his medication gave him great assistance. He passed away very quickly in my arms.


17th of October, 2011
This evening Phantom had a minor seizure which manifested as a constant head nodding...


We took him down to the emergency vet at Broadmeadow where he stayed overnight. He then spent the next day at our local vet under observation. We brought him back home that afternoon.

On the 21st he was taken to a specialist at Merewether where several diagnoses were considered.

Dew Claws

2nd of January, 2008
There is some debate about the removal of dewclaws...


Phantom damaged his left front the other day and he was in a lot of pain. We took him to our vet today and she recommended removal. Due to the nature of the injury it wasn’t possible to administer a local anaesthetic so he was booked in for a general.

He’s fine now although still a bit sore. Getting a lot of attention.


12th of December, 2004
Phantom has completed 18 month of further obedience training since moving from Sydney...


He has rewarded his handler with the "Best Handler for 2004" award from Maitland Dog Obedience Club.


1st of October, 1999
Phantom's cough has cleared up...


He has gone from a low 8.6 kilos to 9.2 kilos and is visually putting on weight. We are beginning to phase in his diet with that of the girls. He has become somewhat destructive, although not overly so. He is chewing on what ever he can get hold of, however he is responding to "Phantom... NO" quite well.

We're up to 10.8 kilos now, and The Phantom is looking that much better. He does not appear to be suffering any health problems and is very active. He is coming when called and sits on command.

Settling In

10th of September, 1999
Phantom is now quite happy with the leash...


Since he has been eager to follow us, getting him used to the lead has proved relatively easy although he is not 100% happy sometimes. He is eating happily and shows little sign of diarrhoea. He had his first visit to the vet today, as he has been gagging slightly. This may be due to having a tube in his throat during surgery or it may be a touch of Kennel Cough.

Phantom Rescued From The RSPCA

5th of September, 1999
Phantom was totally untrained...


He had no concept of a leash and was not house broken. He seems to have a very good nature although he is showing some food related aggression. Little wonder when he had to compete with 91 others cockers for a ration of MacDonald's junior burgers.

Although we were wary at first, he seems to have fit in well with Annie and Lucy.

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