Elanor Star Flower is a blue roan girl and our first ever puppy. She suffers from a permanent dry eye which is why we took her in.

Ellie is Melark Blue Myst out of Melark Mystical Time by Sup. Ch. Royoni He's True Blue.

She Sailed Away

20th of May, 2019
The time finally arrived...


She fought hard and we stood by her but, in the end, we needed to let her go. Lynne wrote...

"This afternoon we quietly let Ellie slip away from us after a short battle with abdominal cancer. Ellie was the first puppy we ever brought home, having only had adult rescues before that. She was a wonderful puppy who spoiled us for all other puppies.

She grew into the sweetest dog - a wonderful example of her breed. She was calm and gentle natured and didn't have a mean bone in her body. She loved laying on the end of my bed in the mornings. She will be sorely missed.

We don't have favourites, but if we did..."

No Good

11th of December, 2018
The lab results are back...


Arising from the intestinal mucosa and forming a highly infiltrative neoplastic mass which extends through the submucosa, muscularis and into the adjacent mesentery is a carcinoma. Neoplastic epithelial cells are organised as small groups and clusters together with tubule formation, often in close association with abundant extracellular mucin. Some of the cells have goblet features with a cytoplasmic mucinous vacuole that displaces the nucleus while others have a small amount of cytoplasm amongst crowded nuclei. There are variable numbers of nucleoli and moderate pleomorphism. The mitotic count is 9. There is variable fibroplasia and infiltration by mixed inflammatory cells. Neoplastic cells are not seen at enterotomy sites.


Intestinal adenocarcinoma

Not much to say at this point.


5th of December, 2018
After a couple of bouts of illness...


An ultrasound revealed a tumour in her duodenum which had ruptured. Surgery was scheduled and she, so far, has come through successfully. Currently asleep at the vet hospital. Will find out more shortly.

It Rained all Day

4th of April, 2015
We set up and ran an obedience trial...

Entry number

Took Ellie with us as a fill in to make up the numbers for the group stays as the entry was minimal. It rained continuously all the way from home to Castle Hill and never really let up all day. It was miserable, cold and wet and we had no qualifiers but Ellie did her part. Alas we never did have groups!

Out Come the Stitches

18th of January, 2008
I took Ellie down to our local vet today and had her stitches removed...


She is much happier now and will be in for a surprise tomorrow as she gets her first chicken wing in over a week.

Looking a lot happier now...

As Ellie suffers from a T4 deficiency she has been booked in for a blood test on the 31st.

Ellie's Lip Operation

8th of January, 2008
After many months of constant dribbling due to an improperly developed lip fold...


Ellie is having surgery to rectify this condition. This will prevent the constant stream of fluid from her mouth. This is not only cosmetic but we’re concerned about the risk of infection with her being constantly wet around the mouth.

She’s now home again and not very happy.

Ellie's Eye Operation

22nd of November, 2005
Today Ellie had an operation on her eye...


Her right eyelid was turning in on itself and needed to be rectified. She is sore and sorry for herself but the operation was necessary and very successful. She is still left with a dry eye however.

A Puppy Arrives

19th of October, 2005
Elanor (Melark Blue Myst) is our first ever puppy...


This is going to be a whole new experience.

Ellie’s right eye is dry and will need attention.

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