A spur of the moment decision, Georgie is our first Cocker that is not a rescue. She is Braycharm Golden Gem named in memory of our Gem.

Georgiana is named for Georgiana Darcy in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

A Short History A Short History

21st of May, 2018
Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents...

Sup. Ch. Royoni He's True Blue
Ch. Royoni Love Me True
Royoni Rising Star
Royoni Luv Uto Bits
Ch. Te Kianga Will He Talk (Imp NZ)
Royoni Nice to Tri
Royoni Solo Girl

Ch. Royoni Ahead In Time
Ch. Braycharm Soul Revival
Ch. Gunwise The Meadowlark
Braycharm Coconut Ice
Glenayden Totally Wild
Braycharm Inspiration
Carlsvale Columbine

Braycharm Cocounut Ice Braycharm Cocounut Ice

6th of March, 2017
It was crowded...


Photo courtesy of Amanda Bray (Thanks!)

One of these puppies is Georgiana with her mother Crystal (Braycharm Coconut Ice). Easy one to pick as she is the orange roan

My Brother My Brother

16th of January, 2017
Georgiana has a litter mate named Flynn...


In fact Tracking Champion, Tracking and Search Grand Champion Braycharm Flynn McCashin RN. He is on the front cover of the Tasmanian Canine Association's Dec/Jan "Gazette" and is owned by Liz McCashin and, as with Georgie of course, bred by Amanda Bray.

On August 10th, 2016 Flynn became a Grand Champion Tracking and Search Dog, the only Cocker Spaniel in Australia to hold that title.

All credit to Flynn and Liz. Certainly made Georgie smile!

Stung Again Stung Again

1st of August, 2009
Georgie follows Mia as a partner in crime...


Yesterday the same conditions that Mia experienced had onset on Georgie. Fortunately, with a quick response and medication on hand, we prevented the worst of Mia’s experience.

I spent the day searching for a possible cause but no luck!

New Puppy New Puppy

5th of July, 2008
Drove down to Sydney on a cold Saturday morning to pick up Georgiana from her breeder…


We headed for the 2 hour trip home only to be sidelined half way by a very hungry and persistent puppy. We had to stop at a butcher's shop to get some fresh meat for her then onwards to home.

On arrival she fit in very well with our other dogs although Ellie was a bit shy at first.

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