Gem was an Orange Roan girl of indeterminate age. Estimates varied from 8 years, 10 and even 12 years. Her teeth and gums were infected badly. Her gums had overgrown her teeth in places and the exposed teeth were layered thick with plaque.

Gem also suffered from keratoconjunctivitis sicca in her left eye which was totally white. However treatment cleared up the accrued rubbish and her eye improved 100% although she remained partially blind.


24th of November, 2004
A few weeks past 4 years with us, Gem has gone...


She suffered three bouts of internal bleeding, an ultrasound revealing spleen and liver tumours. While she recovered twice the third time was too much for her and she past away of her own accord. She is now with the roses.

Almost Lost Her

3rd of October, 2001
Gem took ill that evening...


She began vomiting and passing blood. By the following morning she was near comatose. She was treated with Mylanta to help stop the vomiting. The next morning our vet advised there was little that could be done for her. The decision was made to give her some more time. She was totally comatose when brought home not responding to any stimuli, breathing very shallow and heart rate up. Our vet suggested that if she didn't come out of it within a couple of hours that would be the end of her.

We read her Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (a pretty tragic story but it was the voices that counted). At approximately 3pm she opened her eyes and accepted some water from a wet rag. From then on it was a fast ride back to good health. She is now fine and well for her indeterminate age.


16th of October, 2000
We now have a totally different situation with Gem and Phantom...


They have become good friends. Gem often tap dances around Phantom while he twirls on the spot. They no longer fight and appear quite affectionate to each other. Annie and Lucy have shown no change in their good behaviour towards the new addition.

We are currently administering Maxi Guard Oral Gel to her teeth and applying Poly Tears to her dry eye. She is eating well, seems to be in good health and has taken to raw chicken wings with gusto.

Introductions all Round

1st of October, 2000
Introductions to Annie, Lucy and Phantom went initially well...


However Phantom quickly took a dislike to Gem's presence and they had several "discussions". Phantom would not tolerate Gem suddenly appearing through a door or other opening and would attack her immediately. Gem, for her part was capable of looking after herself.

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