Indie was a gold and white boy with some roaning. He was adopted from Cordelia's Canine Rescue at Rouse Hill. He was originally picked up at Hawkesbury pound north of Sydney.

A Sad Day

7th of March, 2005
It is we great sadness that Indie has been returned to Cordelia's rescue.


Indie had turned on Phantom and attacked him at every opportunity. This led to several prolonged brawls between the two each started by Indie for no apparent reason. Phantom did trigger the first attack as he tends to annoy new dogs but quickly loses interest.

Indie needs to be in a home where he is the only dog. While he was ok with our two girls, I believe, if Phantom wasn't there problems may still have arisen. Indie is a very affectionate and loving dog. He showed great obedience trialling potential and loved nothing better than to be with his people.

We will be following his progress as we feel responsible for his future

After Losing Gem

11th of February, 2005
Indie has settled in without any real issues...


While there has been some "sorting out" done, things have pretty much returned to normal. Indie is not a replacement for Gem, he is a recipient of Gem's legacy.

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