Kára was an 8½ year old found wandering. Her owners refused her return. She was due to be euthanised as she was suffering from Cherry Eye and cataracts and would prove difficult to rehome.

Appropriately named as Norse legend may deem her the "curly" Valkyrie.

Kára is now totally blind.


Valkyrie by Robert Engels

Return to Valhalla

8th of June, 2017
Kara had not recovered from her latest problems...


While a second bout of vestibular disease was barely recovered from she went down hill quickly. She could no longer properly digest her food and was loosing condition. She collapsed during the previous evening and we attended to her until a final visit to our vet where she passed without the vet's assistance. Our vet confirmed an internal bleed.

We had brought her home just over 7 years ago after she had been abandoned by her previous owners and was schedule to be euthanised. At 15½ she has left us. Gem, Annie, Lucy, Portia, Phantom and Cadfael will look after her as well as a multitude of cousins.

It all went awry

1st of December, 2016
Kara was operated on today but the outcome was not good...

While it turned that the bladder issue was no more than scar tissue it all turned on its head when a massive disseminated pancreatic tumour was revealed. It was now not possible to remove her spleen.

We had her sutured back up. She stayed in hospital overnight and is now home. It is unknown how long she has but the vet suspects her spleen may give out before the the pancreatic tumour has an effect.

Kara is eating well (small amounts frequently) and is showing no ill signs as yet and is the usual happy little soul we have cared for. We just have to keep an eye on her.

Blood Tests

30th of November, 2016
Kara had blood tests today in prelude to surgery...


Following a series of events that started with an ear infection Kara is shortly to have surgery to remove her spleen and investigate a tumour in her bladder.

The ear infection led to an examination which revealed a possibly enlarged spleen. In the mean time the ear infection, which was more like a microscopic ménagerie (see above), has cleared up. A subsequent ultrasound made to investigate the spleen revealed the two tumours.


14th of May, 2016
No sign of Kara when the others fronted up for breakfast...

After searching the house and balcony we finally located her wandering in the small casuarina grove in the corner of the home paddock. She was literally bouncing off trees and could not locate the fence line which normally gives her safe guidance home.

Carried her inside, gave her breakfast then she spent the rest of the day curled up on her bed.


2nd of May, 2011
A visit to North Shore Vet Hospital was made to assess Kara's cataracts...


She has become progressively worse. Unfortunately an examination of her retina made any surgery for her cataracts moot. Her retinas have failed and she is suffering from glaucoma. She will be blind for the rest of her days.

Booted out of home!

8th of May, 2010
We received a call from the local RSPCA…


It was about a Cocker who was not going to be put up for adoption due to an eye condition (Nictitans gland prolapse—Cherry Eye) and obvious cataracts. As the owners had been identified she was now an owner surrender which means, in NSW, she could be slaughter... sorry… humanely deprived of her life, within 2 days. The previous owners had refused to take her back. She had obviously been dumped as she had been found wandering in the Lake Macquarie LGA. Fortunately a volunteer worker at the pound made us aware of her.

So now she has a new home.

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