Mia was a four year old blue roan girl. She is registered Melark Mischief Moment by Royoni To Be A Star out of Retepnala Honey Babe and comes from a line of good temperament dogs.

Like many rescues, abandoned by her family and selfishly dumped at a pound.

She now holds Gem's legacy.

Melark Mischief Moment

14th of December, 2017
The fight against age and kidney disease ended today...


They come to you, they love you, they train YOU. You watch them grow, you love them so much and then all of a sudden the time has come for them to leave you and the 4 feet following behind are no longer. But the memory stays with you forever.

Thank you Karleen for your kind words.


29th of September, 2016
Mia had a followup blood test today...


The critical UREA level has dropped from 20.1 mmol/L to 9.7 which is more than satisfactory. A combination of prescription diet and a home made recipe for filler has resulted in a much happier girl.

A History

2nd of September, 2016
All is well with Mia and she is bouncing around like a puppy...

Mia, D.O.B. 27th June 2001

Royoni Rich Rags
Ch. Marsden Step Ahead
Ch. Marsden Time Step
Royoni Star Ahead
Ch. Marsden Time Piece
Royoni Star Seeker
Royoni Stamped Aproval
Royoni To Be A Star
Craigleith King's Ransom
Ch. Royoni Reconcile N Whispa
Ch. Cabal Spring Fever
Royoni Secret Identity
Ch. Colinwood Vital Spark
Ch. Royoni Secret Ambition
Nalaglo Rich Secret

Sh. Ch. Quettadene Emblem
Ch. Lochdene Gas Bag (imp UK)
Lochdene Pipette
Lehearn Look­whos Talking
Lyngala Luv Bandit
Ch. Lehearn Last Laugh
Cadeau Love N Laughter
Retepnala Honey Babe
Sonari Surprise
Cambiar Chariots Of Fire
Limberlost Sunday Best
Sonari Saturday Date
Kistenwales Rain Maker
Kistenwales Glory Girl
Kistenwales Delta Dawn

Although her mind is running far ahead of her body's abilities! Above is Mia's family tree to 3 or 4 generations.

Kidney Problems

16th of June, 2016
Took Mia to the vet today to have, what will inevitably be, her final dental...


While her teeth have a clean bill of health the pre-bloods revealed heightened Urea levels and corresponding low RBC indicating the onset of kidney disease. She is going on a suitable diet for this and the levels will be monitored. Mia will be 15 on the 27th of this month.

Age Catches Up

10th of June, 2016
Just shy of 15 Mia is showing her age...

She sleeps a lot and cannot find her way back from the yard when she goes out at night. This morning she was curled up in a ball at the corner of the dogs' yard. I carried her back into the house. She was well kitted for the winter so had remained warm.

A visit to the vet revealed full anal glands. Aspirated, she was a lot happier then :)


18th of August, 2009
Much improved...


All the open sores have gone and her coat is beginning to grow back.


23th of July, 2009
Yesterday, Mia displayed marked swellings on her snout...


A couple more were found on her head and below her eye. Took her down to the vets and we found quite a few and more popped up. She was in a lot of discomfort. It would appear she was savaged by ants, wasps or, possibly, spiders. Not bees though as that would have been a lot worse.

Antihistamines and a light steroid had little affect. In fact a rather large one appeared next to her eye. Returning to the vets the next day she has been placed on a heavy Prednil dosage which has now tapered off.

While the swellings have subsided she has a very bad open wound on her face under her eye where she has scratched the annoyance. It is still very swollen as are wounds on her nose. I took her to the vet's again and our vet was happy with the progress but suggested treating the open sores with Betadine.

Trouble Arrives

23rd of April, 2005
Mia was abandoned by her previous owners...


Fortunately her microchip identified her and her breeder, Melark Kennels. Melark Kennels rescued her from the pound and shortly thereafter we took her in at 3.5 years old.

Mia is full of exuberance. She was initially unhappy with our girl Lucy but things settled between them fairly quickly.

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