Due to be put to sleep within two days of surrender as he was overweight and suffering from arthritis. Cadfael is named for Brother Cadfael the eponymous hero in Ellis Peter's novels.

Vale Cadfael

25th of October, 2014
On this day Caddie passed out of this world but not out of memory...


He had been on death row at 9.5 years old in 2007. He had another 7 years in him and he lived it to the full.

An Emergency

12th of November, 2013
Caddie was rushed to ARH after becoming unwell...


Bloods indicated kidney failure. We got him down there late in the evening.

He spent the next 12 days in intensive care with his fluids being carefully monitored. We visited him as often as possible. On the 25th we brought him home and he was placed on a strict regime of sub-cutaneous fluids over many days.

He responded well and was back on his feet in no time!


17th of January, 2013
Took Caddie down to ARH for his surgery...


The surgeon will remove his lower left mandible.

Rang vets at 3 but he was still in surgery.

Vet rang back about 6:30 to say all was ok!


14th of January, 2013
Today I took Caddie down to ARH at Homebush...


He had an ultrasound but the vet was not satisfied with the imaging and he proceeded with an MRI. Imaging confirmed cancer in his jaw bone. Caddie and I headed home about 5:30pm.

Bad News

24th of December, 2012
After a visit to the vet to check an issue with Caddie's mouth...


A tumour was found at the back of his jaw. A biopsy confirmed cancer. It's barely been 6 months since we lost Phantom so things aren't panning out well.

A New Boy

7th of October, 2007
Cadfael has responded well to arthritis treatment...


He has lost several kilograms in weight although eating the same as our other cockers.

He has been 100% accepted by Phantom and has Mia well and truly sussed. And, of course, Ellie plays with him often.

Where has the dog gone?

7th of August, 2007
Surrendered so that they could get a puppy...


9.5 years then dumped. Older, arthritic and with some unattractive warts he was assigned to be put to sleep two days after his surrender which is legally possible in this state of NSW.

We fetched him here thanks to the good people on the Dogz Online rescue forums.

He is overweight at 25kg even for a larger cocker. He was visibly carrying too much weight which compounded his arthritis issue.

Cadfael went immediately onto Sasha’s Blend and Metacam. He also went on a course of cartrophin greatly relieving his arthritis.

We took him to our vets and he had the “works” done. Teeth cleaned, some bad warts removed and a full check up.

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