Hedy (formerly Freckles) is a 10 year old American Cocker. Christened Hedy because her rescue mate is now Einstein and Hedy Lamarr was involved in science as well.

Hedy's real name was Hedwig which fits our Hedy rather well.

Unfortunately—due to glaucoma—she has had her right eye removed.

Farewell Little Hedwig

23rd February, 2021
After the beginnings of a recurring cough...


Hedy came to us 4 years ago, rescued from the RSPCA, via #RainyDayRescue, with her best mate Einie. She passed this morning after a short illness and was 13 years 5 month old.

Hedy was a quiet, relatively undemanding American cocker, who did give new meaning to the word determined (read stubborn!). She was the absolute favourite of the 2 pups we brought home 3 years ago - they gave her heaps and she put up with most things.

She was a sweet thing who will be much missed.

Not the First

18th May, 2018
We thought it was an original name but not so...


While researching on the interweb we stumbled on the May 1942 edition of "The Billboard" magazine.


By Jerry Lesser, New York

Recognise those famous names? That's correct. The famous Red Brucie and the most famous My Own Brucie. [Ed - Red Brucie is incorrect in this context. He was born in 1921 and passed in 1935 the year he sired My Own Brucie to My Own Lady Huntington. The real Red Brucie would never have left Herman Mellenthin's sight! This Red Brucie is probably carrying his grand father's name or the journalist may have got it wrong! (I mean who would have thought)]

The Yanks are Coming

30th April, 2017
Apologies to George Cohen. Subsequent to conversations with Rainy Day Rescue we have taken on two American Cockers...


We don't know what the full story is here. We drove down to Ourimbah and met up with the dogs at the M1 rest area. A special thanks to Kath, their initial foster carer, for meeting us half way. Both Hedy and Einstein were fine there with our boy Kit so we bundled them into a crate and headed home.

Introductions went rather smoothly although there has been an occasional minor issue. Otherwise all OK.

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