An unexpected addition (long story)!

Ginevra (Ginny) as she is another red head!

Ginevra is Royoni Raspberry N Sorbet.

Platform 9 & 3/4

Platform 9¾

Like a House on Fire Like a House on Fire

24th of June, 2018
Did not take long to get settled...


Literally a house on fire!

LATE BREAKING NEWS: After finding a full size broom in her bed it is apparent that Ginny has mastered the "Accio" spell.

Royoni Raspberry N Sorbet Royoni Raspberry N Sorbet

14th of June, 2018
It was another long trip...


As mentioned, a totally unexpected addition. Ginny and Izzy took to each other immediately. At play as Georgiana looks on and wonders whether she is too old to participate.

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